Monday, August 9, 2010

Missing Whales...

I will catch you all up on my adventures soon! Until then please read some news I have learned about the Orcas...

...I just found out from the Whale Museum's and CWR's website that Georgia (K11), Flash (L73), and Saanich (L74) are listed as MISSING ...Georgia was estimated to be born in 1933, making her 77 this year (mid-aged, Females live to be
in their late 90's) ...Flash and Saanich were born in 1986, making them 26 this year (a young whale; Males live into their late 50's). Georgia lost her mother (Lummi K7) two years ago in 2008, at at the time her mother was the oldest living Southern to have another loss of such a well aged female in the same matriline would be a very sad thing...and Flash and Saanich are both lively young males, just about breeding age, so they are valuable members of the community. I do hope they are not gone...this seems reminiscent of the disappearance of Faith L57 in late 2008/early 2009; he was a br
eeding age male in his mid-30's, a very healthy age for a male. If we lost Flash and Saanich it would be very sad and a hard loss for the community. Plus, Georgia is the second oldest female in the community, to loose her would be terrible. Her pod and matriline need her! Orcas stay with their mothers and families their whole lives, and Georgia has 1 daughter (Skagit K13). Georgia is a grandma AND a great-grandma! (Her grandchildren are -Spock (K-20), Scoter (K-25), Deadhead (K-27), and Cali (K-34), and her gr
eat-grandchild is Comet K38) Of course Flash travels with his mom L5 Tanya, but Saanich's mom L3 is gone. Here is a twist: Flash and Saanich are cousins! So for them both to be of the same family group and to disappear together, it is quite mysterious. Saanich has lost all his siblings and his mom, I do hope he is still alive to carry on his family bloodline. Flash has a great group he travels with (including Saanich and Tanya), and he is growing well. PLEASE BE OK, WHALES!! WE ARE HOPING FOR YOUR RETURN.

~Peace Always,

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