Saturday, April 2, 2011

Warblys and Wilson's Snipe!

(Above: White-throated Sparrow in the brush; sorry for the leaf by his head!)

Part 2 of my adventures in Virginia this past weekend!

When: March 26 2011
Where: Huntley Meadows Park, VA

Huntley Meadows Park is a great place full of an array of bird species; I'll let the photos tell
the story this time!

Northern Rough-winged Swallow

My FIRST warblys of the year: Yellow-rumped Warblers!

Red-shouldered Hawk (there has been better photos taken, but hey, they're better than nothing!)

Swamp Sparrow: the first time I've been positive about one's identification, so I'm not sure if it's a Lifer or not. I'm sure it's not, but let's say it is!

Osprey, diving for dinner

Great Blue Heron at sunset... there's nothing more wonderful! I love their wings; the feather groups (coverts, primaries, secondaries, alula, etc.) are so apparent and the wings themselves are just so HUGE!

And last but not least, the incredible Wilson's Snipe. LIFE BIRD ALERT! I was super surprised to see a small flock of these guys... they're so interesting-looking birds and they can hide really well...

**Peace Always,


Dave said...

Woo-hoo! Always good to get a lifer, especially one like a Snipe...from behind too!

Frank said...

Just dropped in via 'Birds from Behind'. Enjoyed a brief peek at your recent posts.

Congrats on the Wilson's (Lifer) a species with very cryptic plumage. If you are interested I did a post on our Common Snipe very recently

Enjoy your wildlife watching.