Thursday, March 4, 2010


UOM: (Update on Mom) She has a broken wrist, and is in lots of pain. She can't drive (on pain medication) and cannot go into work. (She's a nurse- see the irony.) Anyways, we need your good wishes! Please pray/think of her today. She needs it! :)

And now on to...the blog. Not that long today, sorry!
Last night I prayed. Sort of. I'm not a religious person, I'm more of a ...spiritual one. I believe in totem animals (animal guardian/messenger spirits); that each animal has its own message to share, to help us through life. I've seen Deer (who symbolize family/[motherly]love/awareness) when I've been in a hard point in my life with my family, I've seen Goldfinch (new beginnings) when I was about to start high school, or travel to another country. Today I was thinking about seeing Deer, maybe having her assist me with helping my mom (Deer being motherly love.) and...what do you I thought that I spy a deer in the woods. Amazing.
So, last night, I asked the spirits to help my mom...and today I wake up to the mostbeautiful sunrise ever, and a female Goldfinch sitting neatly in the tree outside my window. I felt my wish had been granted- someone, something, somewhere, was watching over my family. I looked around and saw the shining yellow-peach sky and I just smiled, taking in the beauty. I went into school fresh and happy and thats' how I came out. And that's when I saw the deer on the way home, and I felt even better.
And then I came back home to my mom and her pain.

Sometimes life is hard.
That's what makes you great.

And now for some photos. Not taken today, but awesome nonetheless.

Morning Dove. Taken January 9 2010.

Male Goldfinch. Taken June 2009.

Doe at the Lake Erie Nature /Science Center yawning. Everyone gets tired! :)

~Peace Always,

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