Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Big!

(Male Yellow Warbler)

When: Saturday May 7 2011
Where: Magee Marsh, Oak Harbor Ohio

...and when I say big, I mean it!!

The Biggest Week in American Birding is here, and so are the biggest names in birding, and the biggest birds in birding...this week is BIG! Warblers, warblers, warblers, warblers are back!! Fifty (50) species and thirteen (11) Life birds in one day (May 7)...those are some big numbers. Would you like the list? Bold birds are Life birds.

  1. Chestnut sided Warbler
  2. Warbling vireo
  3. Bay Breasted Warbler
  4. Prothonotary Warbler
  5. Nashville Warbler
  6. Blackburnian Warbler
  7. Black and White Warbler
  8. Black Throated Green Warbler
  9. Ovenbird
  10. Linncoln's sparrow
  11. Nothern Parula
  12. American WoodCock
  13. Cape May Warbler
  14. Pine Siskin
  15. Green Heron
  16. Common Grackle
  17. Redwinged Blackbird
  18. American Redstart
  19. Yellow Warbler
  20. White Crowned Sparrow
  21. Rose breasted Grosbeak
  22. Northern Cardinal
  23. Sandhill Crane
  24. American Coot
  25. Mallard
  26. Great Crested flycatcher
  27. Canada Goose
  28. Baltimore Oriole
  29. American Robin
  30. Herring Gull
  31. DC Cormorant
  32. Bald Eagle
  33. Redtailed Hawk
  34. Rng Billed gull
  35. Turkey Vulture
  36. Blue Jay
  37. Downy Woodpecker
  38. American Goldfinch
  39. Brown Headed Cowbird
  40. Killdeer
  41. Red Breasted Nuthatch
  42. GBH
  43. Great Egret
  44. Palm Warbly
  45. 1 unID'd empid flycatcher
  46. 1 unID'd tern
  47. Pine warbler
  48. White throated Sparrow
(and for some reason, I've lost the last two...the Word document I typed up was deleted. Sorry!)
Also, I had written a whole blog post and it, too, got deleted. I can't remember what I had written, so I'll just share my photos! I'm sure that's all you'd like to see, anyways! *winks* Enjoy!

Female American Robin

Reeeeeach for that food, Mr. NOPA!

The same male NOPA.

My first NOPA! Look at those legs! Can you believe that's only half of his legs? You only see the tarsus...wouldn't it be funny if warblers had all of their legs visible? They'd look like mini Boat-tailed Grackles!

OVENBIRD. I spotted this one for a whole group of birders. :) Pretty proud of this sighting.

Nashville warblers were EVERYWHERE.

Watching us...
And turning away...

Near the end of the day I saw and heard this Green Heron in a tree. They've got the most interesting voice!

Male Chestnut Sided Warbly. What lovely colours you have, sir!

My FIRST Cape May Warbler. Beautiful!

I never did manage to get a good shot of a BTBW...oh well. These at least show their telltale wing patches.

Male Bay-breasted Warbler. What a handsome species...

I'm afraid that's all the decent photos I got from that day. Magee/BSBO is certainly a WONDERFUL place to be, though...the birds are incredible and the people as well!! Go visit!

**Peace Always,


A. Denise said...

These are so awesome!,,,,,,

Dave said...

Congrats on all of the lifers Kristina! I told you Magee is a magical place!
I wish I would have known you were up here.