Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buggy for Spring Birds

Birds, bugs, and babies-- the 3 B's of spring! Warblers being those birds, pesky gnats being those bugs, and ducklings being those babies. Let's hear it for spring! Two out of three things about it are good, at least...

Let's get to the birds. Palm Warblers seemto have forgotten howcolourful and popular they were; they spend their days foraging among the leaflitter like modest celebrities...(they also love to pump their tails. At least they acknowledge their right to dance like no one's watchin'!)

Yellow-rumped Warblys are cool, too! Common, but cool. And they know it.

Feeling blue? Look to the Yellow Warbly to cheer you up! Like a feathered piece of sunshine...

BLUE-GREY GNATCATCHERS are adorable, and also a Life bird for me! Check out this beautiful little guy(girl?)!

You don't realize how much you miss something until its gone...for example, Chimney Swifts.There's something I love about these agile, perfectlyadapted birds. They've got a certain personality under those drab feathers... their antics are always amusing (no alliteration intended...) and they keep that aforementioned bug population under control (sorta).

Great Egrets: you gotta love them! Always striking.

This Barn Swallow is special: no right eye! He let me come very close before finally noticing me and flying off...

First Grey Catbird and Rose-breasted Grosbeak of the year! Woo hoo!

And here come the babies! Mallard babies to be exact. They grow up fast!

Well, that's all from today and yesterday. Florida reports are in the making; coming soon...keep watch! Until then check out my best photos at !

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