Friday, May 13, 2011

Sand, Sun, and Screams

When: May 8 2011
Where: Sandy Ridge Reservation, Ohio

Took another visit out to my fave neighborhood birding spot, Sandy Ridge Reservation. It was a great day at SRR; I saw a Bay-breasted and a Black throated Blue warbler...along with a Sandhill Crane! Tons of Tree Swallows were foraging in the air, and Canada geese were sitting pretty on their nests. (Well, most of them.)

The Tree Swallows were windswept and feisty that day!

The Sandhill was getting attacked by some Red-winged Blackbirds! Now THAT was an interesting sight...

The lighting on this flying Great Egret was to amazing not to share:

And the Bald Eagle made an appearance!

**Peace always,

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