Saturday, October 8, 2011


a quiet poem about a loud subject

A deer has many options when arriving at the entrance to her woods.

She may choose to take the path rendered soft and silent by her comrades,
Following blindly those who have gone before her without a second thought.

She could tread through the fallen leaves,
Both alerting herself to predators and proudly announcing her presence.

She may move amongst the newly sprouted undergrowth,
Leaving her scent for others to follow though not quite making a noticeable track.

She could skirt the borders of the forest,
Avoiding conflict and confrontation but removing herself from discussion.

Yet the deer has another option:
To stand frozen at the entrance too afraid to proceed individually,
Waiting for a friend to come along and guide her.

Yes, this is a choice the deer and her kin must make daily.
It is also the most important resolution they will make;
their lives and peaceful existence depending on their decisions upon entering the woods.

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