Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wings Upon the Evergreens

The winds are getting colder and the snow is beginning to fall. Winter is fast approaching.
Written October 24 2011

Wings upon the evergreens, sheltered from the wind
Sparrows, robins, nuthatches to the tree are pinned.
Gales whip their feathers round, bitter cold and strong
Winter comes and winter goes; it always stays too long.

Between the icicles cardinals flock, red and warm like fire
Though the coldness never dims, the birds will never tire.
Chickadees and woodpeckers chatter in the snow
Perhaps they speak of seasons past or the way to go.

The birds, they fluff their plumage out while the wind blows it astray
They dream of spring and sunny flights a thousand weeks away.

~Peace always,

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Kimberly Kaufman said...

Simply beautiful, Kristina!