Saturday, October 8, 2011


dedicated to our neotropical migrants. wishing you all a safe journey.

There was no turning back. It had to be done.
The urge to fly coursed through her, greater than anything she had ever known. The desire to spring forward and spread her wings was immense, but still fear held her back. No matter that she had done it once before, when she was even younger—she was still afraid. Afraid with good reason, of course…death was omnipresent, united with the very breeze ruffling her feathers. She cocked her head to one side and closed her eyes, mentally conversing with the internal forces that would guide her home. They were loyal; born with her and prepared to die with her.  They were whispering, fly. South. Fly
            She obliged. There was barely a sound as she took the first wing strokes of her journey. The sun, the waves, and the wind were all reaching for her, but she did not respond. She simply flapped her wings and left the cold behind her without a backwards glance.
            It had begun.

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