Sunday, July 4, 2010

Assateauge, Part 1 (Birds)

Note: Again, regrettably, quality is sacrificed for quantity. All photos are .jpeg in order to display more in the single post! Sorry for any inconvenience.

Assateauge National Seashore in Maryland is a spectacular area.
This April, I camped overnight on the beach and spent the day viewing the
beautiful wildlife.

I got up at before the crack of dawn to try and photograph the sunrise.
I did, but I also captured much more!

I saw at least 4 Life birds that day, and the morning was full of them.

The mighty Boat-tailed Grackle:

And the beautiful Brown Thrasher:

Then of course the dashing male Red-winged Blackbird:

There were avian antics everywhere, including this Song Sparrow running past our tent!

Everywhere you'd turn there would be a large flock of Double-Crested Cormorants flying overhead!

Herring Gulls were main event, however, and they put on quite a show for me at the docks:

This American Crow circled around my head at close omen or a blessing?

Later in the afternoon, we paid a visit to Ocean City.

We attended the Ripley's Museum of Believe it or Not, where we saw many interesting items (headless chickens, two headed cows, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and a giant animation shark among other things..). Then we walked around the boardwalk which got old fast, I'm sorry to say, but I did see a Life bird- Laughing Gull.

Finally, on the way home, I sighted my final Life bird of the trip- Little Egret.

In all, it was a very satisfying trip birding-wise and it resulted in great photos!

Check soon for Assateague, Part 2 (Ponies),

~Peace Always,

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