Tuesday, July 6, 2010

No More 3x5's

My brother and my cat pose for a photo!
Greetings! First off, I apologize for no posting yesterday. I really didn't have any photos; and today, there's isn't an abundance either. However, I have a few for today!

This morning/afternoon were very slow, we woke up around 10am and my father had to go into work until 5 or so. We watched Avatar on Blu-ray-- it's such a wonderful movie and the animation is just SPECTACULAR. Out of boredom, my brother and I turned on our Wii gaming platform and created "celebrity Miis" or digital avatars that look like celebrities. We now have a lineup of LeBron James, Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, and Michael Jackson! After that got old, I took some cat chow and put it in various places, so my cat had to paw them down. It was entertaining and I found out that...surprise...my cat has a memory! She remembered the pattern in which the food was set out! I was desperate-- there was absolutely nothing to do! Luckily my dad came home and we went out to eat at Bertucci's, an Italian restaurant. It has delicious olive oil & rolls, pizza, and pasta. After a wonderful meal, we walked around the harbour. It was so hot, over 100 degrees! However, I saw a Black-crowned Night-heron at the harbour! I was so upset, I wanted my camera! I've only seen a Black-crowned Night-heron once before, actually at the same harbour, back in April. Below is a photo of the individual I sighted in April:

The male I saw today was preening on top of a pier. He was close enough for me to see the two long white plumes sprouting from his nape. He was just beautiful! Night-herons are very impressive; stocky and clean-cut, and strikingly coloured! This was a breeding-season coloured heron, with his pinkish legs, white plumes, and red irises.

The title of this post comes from John Mayer's song '3x5', about putting down the camera and taking in the beauty of nature. I certainly did that today! :)

For a final, humorous note, I showed my cat a pineapple today--she was quite intrigued!

"Pineapple, Eh?"


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