Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hidden Birding Sites in my Backyard

(Green Heron - click for larger image)
Note: Quality of photos is sacrificed for quantity. Sorry!

For the past few weeks I have been exploring the avian life around my home and in my development. We have walking trails bordering farmer's fields and forest patches, which makes for great birding! I have seen many Life birds there, including:

-Grey Catbird
-Common Yellowthroat
-Spotted Sandpiper
-Green Heron (see photo at very top)
-Rough-winged Swallow

Plus the Indigo Bunting, Yellow Warbler, and Cedar Waxwing.

Then there's the mystery flycatcher! Check it out:
My guesses are Alder Flycatcher and Eastern Wood-peewee

There's all sorts of activity at these sites, including
Red-tailed hawks getting dive-bombed by smaller birds
(in this case a Red-winged Blackbird):

Acrobatic Waxwings:

Juvenile Red-wing Blackbirds:

Fighting Tree Swallows:

and even White-tailed bucks in velvet!

My neighborhood is an incredible "hidden" site for birds and wildlife.
I'm very lucky to live here!

~Peace Always,

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