Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Antics

Happy Fourth of July!

So today was Independence Day, also the first full day in Virginia this summer!
Cause for celebration indeed. Today was an interesting one...

We arrived in VA after midnight. We didn't go to bed for an hour or so, which leads me to estimate that we went to sleep at around 3AM. I woke up very early after a good sleep (at around 8AM) and spent some time playing with my cat, Madison! She's a sweetheart and it's always nice to be here with her! (She lives with my dad; my mom doesn't like animals! Haha!)

Then the family started waking up and we had a slow morning. For lunch, we went to
the >>>Lost Dog Cafe <<<, a great little cafe that helps fund the
Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation, helping pets find forever homes.
It has great paintings all over the walls, and even the bathroom doors sport full-size smiling Pugs! My favourite find, however, was a Strongheart movie poster from White Fang. Strongheart was the first canine actor and a wonderful soul.

Then it was back home to the apartment for a nap, before going out for the fireworks! After the family was rested, we drove to Bolling Air Force Base and I set up my tripod and 500mm lens for the show. It was a great view of the Potomac, Capitol, Washington Monument,
and of course, the fireworks...

AAAAND the Finale!

Again, Happy Independence Day everyone!

~Peace Always,

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