Monday, July 12, 2010

The Baddest Place to Be: Photo Essay

The Badlands and a rodeo, what could be more 'bad'?
July 10 and 11

'The land of stone and light' is almost the perfect name for the Badlands. What's missing is 'life'! The ancient rocky habitat is home to so many different species, mammals and birds alike. They blend with the still landscape, feast on the plentiful insects and grasses, and make music in a silent land. Cliff swallows roost in colonies on the rocky cliffs and in caves.

Rock wrens stay true to their name and walk upon ancient stone.

Mule deer graze silently in the valleys.

Horned Larks serenade the Prairie dogs as they have their midday gatherings.

Prairie dogs build their towns on the outskirts of the 'city'.

13-lined Ground Squirrels scamper quickly over the rocks.

Brown Thrashers catch grasshoppers in the trees, Turkey vultures soar overhead looking for their next meal, Meadowlarks sing their joyous songs, and the wind blows with ease through the spires of time.


'Bad' takes on a whole new meaning at a rodeo.

Calves are beat into place, until they plead for help...

Barrel racers take sharp turns and gallop to the finish...

Cowboys await their turn for the calf-roping event...

and Bulls thrash their heads and kick their heels to the sky...

~Peace Always,

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