Saturday, July 17, 2010

Treats, Travel, Towers, Ticks, and Tines

July 14

"The travel day" was just that. The morning was full of saying goodbyes (to family and horses alike!), and the rest of the day was pretty much just driving. Little events in between made the day unique, however.

The day started at the ranch, where we were al over the place trying to pack up. We still had time for the horses, and gave them their treats and said goodbye. Herman, Devil, Rojo, and Chap are all great horses and it was sad to say 'bye. They didn't seem to catch the underlying sad note in the air, though, and were lively as ever.

Ahhh Rojo and Herman, don't squish me!

The best moment of that morning was having Devil walk up to me and take a treat from my hand. He has certainly come a long way!

After a final view of the ranch, we were on our way! On the way out, we passed a group of Turkey Vultures. I got out of the car to take some photos, and they launched into the air. As they landed, I got a photo of their "landing gear" (talons and legs). It's a pose you don't usually see in large birds.

What was the neat part of this encounter was one of the Vultures flew super-low within 10 feet of our car!! The high winds were pushing them all off course and causing flight difficulties. This was the closest I'd ever been to a wild flying bird of prey!
Next, a while down the highway, came Devil's Tower. I saw Prarie dogs, Rock Pigeons, and a Spotted Towhee, and plus seeing the giant formation that is Devil's Tower was spectacular. We also listened to a nice talk by a young Native American woman as she explained her language and culture.The bad thing about that was I got 3 ticks in my hair from walking through the trail. UGH!! It was terrible, and I was very paraniod about bugs afterwards...I haven't gotten any since (knock on wood)...

Finally, as we pulled into our lodge for the night, we passed 2 incredible Mule Deer bucks in velvet. This was a great sighting-- look at those antlers! A nice end to the evening.

~Peace Always,

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