Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Westward Bound

July 11
On the way to the ranch...

Many different and amazing sights were to beheld, like 5 new Life birds, cows, deer, antelope, jackrabbits, and more. It was a 1+1/2 hour drive from Wall to the ranch...a very beautiful drive! The country landscapes were incredible! It was so quiet, even when these Turkey Vultures passed overhead:

I was surprised by a flock of Yellow Headed Blackbirds (Life bird) and their "otherworldly" trills:

Among the meadow-dwelling birds flew a striking Blue-winged Teal (Life bird):

A high-flying Wilson's Phalarope (Life bird) made for an interesting sighting!

Upland Sandpipers (Life bird) ran and displayed on the side of the road:

Horned Larks, like this female, foraged on the ground:

Angus bulls and cows moaned along the fence lines:

Mule Deer leap and bound over the tall variety of grasses:

A shedding Pronghorn satisfies her hunger:

A wary Jackrabbit poses for a photo:

Small herds of rancher's horses gather to watch us drive by:

At the ranch...

The horses greet us, receive treats, then go on their ways:

A sweet Eastern Cottontail browses as the sun goes down:

A small raptor (seemingly an American Kestrel) harasses a Red-tailed hawk:

Thus ends the first night on the ranch.

~Peace Always,

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Aunt Barb said...

Hi Kristina,

AWESOME pictures! You are so talented and patient to capture these beatufiul creatures. Okay, your city-girl aunt wants to know what does LIFE bird mean?

I'm really enjoying your blog. I think I let Elise help me pick out the pictures for our room because it's too difficult for me. They are ALL so good!
Love you,
A. B.