Saturday, July 3, 2010

July's Jewels

Welcome, July! Welcome, Hummingbirds! The hummingbird season is always a great joy for us birders, and this year, I have my new Sigma 170-500mm lens. It helped me capture all the images you will see in this post.

I visit Carlisle Reservation Visitor Center's Wildlife Observation Area (WOA) to see hummingbirds, as they have a garden frequented by many backyard bird species. The hummingbirds are my favourite, however, and the feeders and flowers are very close to the viewing room windows. Yesterday I saw Cedar Waxwings; I have never seen them at the WOA before:

Aslo, a Northern Flicker was sighted from afar, a Life bird for me! Hummingbirds were everywhere, as frequent as they can be for a single species (The Ruby-throated hummingbird is the only hummingbird nesting east of the Mississippi).

The female was less active, however, but she did look right at me for this cute shot!

The male was impressive as he darted around, drinking nectar from the lilacs:

And then, as I was looking through my photos, I saw this incredible capture. It's not the best quality but certainly an interesting find! :

(here is the detail)

It was a very satisfying day at the WOA and a great going-away 'celebration!


"Garden's Jewel"

~Peace Always,


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